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Guangdong Nan Tian Ming Law Firm

Founded in 1995, Guangdong Nan Tian Ming Law Firm is committed to building the “Nan Tian Ming” legal service brand, constantly expanding service areas, improving service levels, and has won the support and trust of all sectors of society, and won many honors and commendations. In October 2008, “Nan Tian Ming” was named “National Excellent Law Firm”, and in 2012, it was awarded by the Ministry of Justice of China, becoming one of the largest and most influential law firms in Foshan.

The headquarters of “Nan Tian Ming” is located on the 29th floor of Zhifu Building, a golden node in the Guangzhou and Foshan metropolitan area. It enjoys the unique advantages of Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone in terms of location, transportation, ecological environment, facilities, human resources, informatization foundation, and business costs. . The “Nan Tian Ming” office has a broad vision and a simple and elegant design, showing the order and vitality of the modern office space.

Reception Area: The honor wall composed of log back cabinets in the reception room is matched with a coffee-colored sofa, which is calm and atmospheric, isolates the influence of the outside world, and protects the privacy of customers; the semi-open reception area uses a screen partition to ensure the permeability of the space, and the comfortable leisure sofa is in the warm light. Under the irradiation, the visitor’s mood is relieved.

For the convenience of reception, the reception area is also equipped with a bar counter,  chatting tables and leisure chairs; the floor-to-ceiling window view and sufficient lighting provide a comfortable waiting place for customers, and also enable employees to relax after busy work.

Workspace: Based on Nan Tian Ming’s service concept of diligence, professionalism and efficiency, the overall space of the office area is dominated by bright colors and concise lines, and natural wood grain is used as the spatial texture to soothe the mind and body and create a harmonious relationship between space and people.

The office area combines the design tone of the office space and the needs of the lawyer industry, and the office workstations are equipped with desk screens and large-capacity wooden file cabinets to meet the privacy of work and facilitate data storage. The closed office space effectively protects the privacy of customers.

Meeting Area: The overall tone of the negotiation room is a calm warm gray. Elegant and meticulous meeting table, light and comfortable meeting chairs, rational without losing affinity, enable enterprises to achieve more effective communication with customers, and make the coordination and cooperation between employees more efficient.

The spacious large conference room can accommodate 40-50 people, and the large conference table can meet the meeting of multiple people. Simple style, unique design, smooth lines, give people a relaxed and active look and feel, create a capable and dynamic office space, and encourage participants to burst out unlimited creativity and innovative thinking in the meeting space.

Party Building Room: With the help of folding partition walls, the party building room can form spaces of different modules, together with flexible furniture, such as foldable training chairs, to meet different forms of party building activities.

Moot Court: The solid wood executive desk has the characteristics of high-end appearance, atmosphere, beautiful appearance and environmental protection. The realistic moot court provided Nan Tian Ming with a place for vocational training and court scene simulation. It shows Nan Tian Ming people’s unremitting pursuit of specialization and quality.

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