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New trends of office working way

In recent years, lift tables have become more and more common in offices, especially in Germany. A survey involving 19 laboratories demonstrated that lift desks can reduce staff sedentary time by 77 minutes per day, which not only improves their health but also significantly increases their productivity.

To what extent can elevated tables affect staff productivity compared to regular tables and chairs?

First of all, one of the major reasons affecting work efficiency is physical fatigue, so lift tables can effectively reduce physical fatigue?

In Nerhood & Thompson’s 1994 study has shown very complete. It is obvious that after using the lift table, the fatigue of all parts of the body is significantly reduced, especially in the legs and back, which are prone to injury.

Since the body’s fatigue has been alleviated, how much will the efficiency of work be improved?

In a typing experiment led by Nagoya City University, typists using a combination of sitting and standing work were able to maintain more than 95%, or even close to 100%, of their work efficiency for 120 minutes. In contrast, the productivity of typists using standard and high chairs has been gradually decreasing with time accumulation.

Of course, the positive impact of lift tables on productivity does not stop there. When sedentary becomes a habit, the presence of lift tables can also intervene to reawaken the cognitive awareness of the staff in the sedentary habit. [1] Simply put, employees are constantly aware of the problem of sedentariness because of the presence of a lift table. In this case, the negative working condition, which is often caused by sitting, will be improved and the employees will be more energetic.

So, both physically and psychologically, lift tables have a very positive effect on productivity in the office. No matter what kinds of working place layout, please consider standing desk office layout and standing desk home office layout.

What is an Electric Adjustable-Height Standing Desk?

An electric adjustable-height standing desk is a desk typically powered by precision linear motor drives that easily changes height with the press of a button. They have a distinct advantage over most manually-operated desks in speed, convenience, and performance, but tend to cost more than their crank-operated cousins. Nevertheless, they remain the active standing workstation of choice for homes and offices across the country. With dozens of adjustable standing desks spanning a wide range of capabilities, feature sets, and price tags, you can be sure to find a model that works for your unique workspace. And if you want to get the most ergonomic adjustability, make sure to check our in-depth reviews of the best monitor arms to go with a standing desk.All of these is better to make wonderful stand desk office layout.

The best standing desks around today can help offset and prevent a sedentary lifestyle, a great way of starting 2022.

Even though we are not meant to sit around all day, most of us spend a large portion of our work life hunkered down at an office desk(opens in new tab). Standing desk home office layout also need to consider to use it.Sitting down too long – more than 8 hours a day – as stated by the American Journal of Public Health(opens in new tab), can not only increase the risk of chronic diseases by 10% to 20% but premature death as well.

The health benefits the best standing desks offer to those at their computers all day can’t be understated. For instance, studies(opens in new tab) repeatedly show “an improvement in discomfort and pain as people use [standing] desks.” Though they’re just one step in the right direction – you should also take breaks and get your muscles moving and your blood pumping, not to mention stay active generally – on top of alternating between standing and sitting.

To help you make the leap to a healthier work life, we’ve collected the best standing desks available here. There’s something to meet your needs, whether you want a desk for gaming(opens in new tab), an affordable alternative, or want something with a more sophisticated look and feel. Even students going back to school should consider one for a healthier way to do homework.

Since the COVID-19, more and more people work from home and have to turn their home layout into half work and half life, in summary, home office layout ideas with standing desk is the best choice.

How to Choose Your Sit-Stand Desk? – 5 Factors

There many important factors that you should consider when buying a standing desk,so that can give you perfect office layout with standing desk, including the following: 

1.Ergonomic Office: Your Health Comes First

Contrary to traditional products, an ergonomic desk is, above all, designed to adapt to your needs and allow you to set up a flexible workstation. It improves your posture and therefore avoids certain inconveniences, starting with back pain or musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) that can appear over time.

The biggest benefit of using a sit-to-stand desk is that your productivity, mood, and energy level increase. You can switch between sitting and standing as you wish throughout your workday, and the desk is comfortable and easy for people who don’t know how to use standing desk. 

2. The Size and Shape of the Desk

The first thing to do is measure the available space in the room where you want to set up the desk. For those who have a lot of space, the question may not necessarily arise, but you still need to think about everything you want to put on it. 

Some people may need a small home office design to simply put their computer, while others need to store files, put a printer and a landline phone, or have enough room to display documents.Make sure the size is fit for stand desk office layout.

3. The Material

Sit-stand desks are generally very classic. In any large tool store or carpentry shop, a wooden panel with beautiful finishes does not cost very much. Therefore, it is good to choose a type of wood, a varnish, or paint to adapt the desk to your interior decoration. 

4. Manufacturing Quality

The structure of a professional desk is very important. It is often made of steel, which is the most solid thing at a reasonable price. The feet must be wide and perfectly stable.

5. Weight Capacity: Why Does It Matter?

The weight of the desk is a sign of stability and durability. A sit-stand desk that is too light is bound to be easier to wobble from side to side, and you only need to push it a bit, and it may collapse to the floor. 

The lift capacity indicated the desk engines’ power, and the high rating implies that the actuators can handle greater loads without the possibility of excessive heat or loss. In terms of safety and durability, the higher the lift capacity, the better. Nevertheless, exceeding the required weight capacity of the product can reduce a desk life cycle.

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