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New Style Decoration Type- Office Partition

Office desks can be seen everywhere in people’s lives, and I believe that everyone sees them more in places like offices. Indeed, as one of people’s office appliances, it provides greater convenience for life.

If the desks are divided according to materials, there are wooden desks, metal desks, steel-wood desks, steel desks, etc. According to the type of use, there are desks, executive tables and conference tables or multi-person desk(two desk office, etc). According to the occasion, there are offices, staff offices, conference rooms, reading rooms, training classrooms, etc. The last is the cubicle partition, which is a desk that uses screens to divide the office into different areas. Among people’s current furniture, the popularity of desks is very large. Now many people’s homes are also equipped with desks, mainly to have more work space and better meet the requirements of life. This is a marked change in the quality and pace of life of people.

When buying a desk, in addition to paying attention to the material and design of the desk, you should also consider its placement space, such as whether to place it horizontally or vertically. When designing, taking into account some basic wiring problems, everyone needs to pay attention when installing. In the past, most of the desks were flat desks with no obstructions around them. However, in order to improve the cleanliness, the company often requires rectification of messy desks. Although the appearance has been improved, it is not convenient for office work. So, the partition office came along and solved the problem.

Introduction of Office Partition

Cubicle partition refers to desks with fabric desk screen, and a desk in the general sense is a separate desk. A separate desk, very independent, can be adjusted as needed. Because there is no screen partition, the line of sight will not be blocked, you can see the situation of other people, and always get the attention of others. A desk with a screen has the function of isolating sight and space. By adding a screen on the desktop, the sight can be blocked, and there is no need to worry about things on the desktop falling to the ground. Several tables can also be assembled together to form a working group.

Construction and Advantages of Office Partition

Most of the office screen tables are made of aluminum alloy frames, including the top cover, side cover, and skirting boards are all made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with coloring and spraying, the height can be adjusted according to different ground. The screen fabric is made of linen fabric, which has strong wear resistance, no combustion support, no color difference to the naked eye, anti-fouling treatment, easy to clean, and provides a variety of colors to choose from.

In addition, the wiring trough in the skirting board of the office screen table (or the wiring trough on the new table) can be arranged with power cords, telephone lines, computer cables, etc. The socket can be additionally arranged to cover the skirting board, and the line is passed from the plug to the preset wire hole on the table top.

On the countertop, it is convenient and flexible to use, and keeps the overall effect of the office screen perfect.

In modern furniture hardware, the proportion of glass, high-gloss materials (matte acrylic, baking paint, high-gloss veneer materials, etc.) and the combination of metal materials and traditional furniture panels is on the rise. Such as: the application of all-glass door hardware is gradually increasing. Liftable combined table frame system, desktop shelf management system, such as: LCD screen bracket, phone bracket, etc. Various wire management systems, such as desktop dark sockets and various special hardware are widely used in office furniture. For example: heavy-duty fishing basket drawers, office door hinges, etc. Push-to-open door hinges, drawer rails and concealed handles are widely used in non-handle furniture and concealed handle furniture, such as: PUSH hinges, push pins, PUSH drawer rails, and concealed handles. Hidden connector refers to the connection between two boards, the connector is not visible from the outside, and there are many ways to connect. Concealed handle furniture, on the surface it does not seem to have a handle, it is used more on kitchen cabinets, and also used in hall cabinets. These push-type anklets should be pressed when they are opened.

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