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Different Types Of Desk In Our Daily Life

There are many types of desks, and the most common is the staff desk. The development of staff desks has expanded to a variety of styles, luxury modern office desk, modern office executive desk and modern modular workstations have emerged to meet the needs of different companies. Staff desk workstations are mainly divided into two types: open and closed, each of which has its own advantages and characteristics

1.Linear office workstation

A straight desk will make the office more compact and dense, making the most of space. In addition, from the company’s point of view, the sharing of office equipment can save more costs. And for employees, the office space created by the linear desk makes people’s visual space more open. Such office furniture can not only shorten the distance between people, promote communication and cooperation between people, but also create a relaxed office environment for employees and improve work efficiency.

2.Type “L”office workstation

There are many ways to place an L-shaped desk. By arranging and combining, it can be placed in various shapes. Four of them can be placed in a cross. Two of them can be placed against the wall in a T shape office desk. For example, the shape of “L” and “F” can make the whole office space more fully utilized.

Compared with the linear desk, the L-shaped staff desk has a larger desktop range, which can better meet the freedom of employees to place items at will and the needs of office work. Putting some green potted plants and some decorations in the spare space of the staff table can not only increase the beauty of the office, but also have the function of radiation protection.

3.Special-shaped office workstation

Special-shaped desks, also called multi-person desks, are not suitable for narrow and long offices. It is placed in long, narrow office environments or combined with rectilinear workstations. It takes up more space than a straight desk workstation, and it’s not particularly pretty. The Y-shaped office module workstation is especially suitable for open and large-area office environments, and is more economical than the linear desk workstation and the L-shaped desk workstation.

What kind of people is the special-shaped desk workstation suitable for? This type can be customized for 3, 6 and 9 people desk workstations, showing a semi-circle shape, it can make the communication between employees close, so it is especially suitable for team open communication.

The office partition is also the connotation of the environment and human nature. Every edge and every glass cubicle office is full of design concepts and essence, and a variety of texture and color choices allow you to give full play to your imagination in design. This connection angle will change with different seats and spaces.

1.The office screen is composed of two parts: frame and panel.

One, the border. The frame of the office screen is mainly made of aluminum alloy. The surface of the aluminum alloy is electrostatically sprayed or matt oxidized, and the common colors are flash silver, gray white, carbon black and pure black.

Second, the panel. The main materials of the panel are cloth, fireproof board, aluminum-plastic board, steel plate, glass, etc. The screen panel can be composed of the above single material, or it can be composed of two or more materials. Among them, there are many colors of fabric and fireproof board, which can be provided to customers for choice.Third, the installation of accessories. Adjusting feet are installed at the bottom, fasteners such as two-way, three-way, four-way, etc. are installed on the top, and an aluminum alloy top cover is installed. It is usually connected with the desktop with self-tapping screws.

2.Office screen furniture is mainly used in open office areas. The direct function of the screen is to separate the space, while the medium-height screen only partially and relatively separates the space. The main significance of the screen in the open office area is that

under the premise of not affecting communication, a relatively independent private working space is created, which reduces mutual interference, improves office efficiency, facilitates management, and creates conditions for team communication and collaboration.

3.Screen height selection

The relationship between the height of the screen and the space it separates: a relatively high screen is used to separate a relatively large space, and a relatively low screen is used to separate a relatively small space; if a relatively high screen is used in a small work space, there will be a sense of oppression.

4.Screen color application

The focus is on the relationship between the choice of heating, cooling and the sense of space. Cool colors have a better sense of space, making people feel that the remaining space is larger; warm colors are the opposite. It can be seen that cool colors are widely used, while warm colors are not suitable for relatively compact working spaces with relatively small per capita space. Neutral tones are the most widely used, and the advantage is that they are more harmonious no matter where they are applied. Different shades express different emotional appeals.

Warm colors make people feel warm and unrestrained, friendly and energetic; the disadvantage is that it is a bit noisy and not serious enough. Cool colors make people feel calm and refreshing, but the disadvantage is that there are many applications, and many colors lack personalization. Neutral tones feel more solemn and serious, expressing a rational and rigorous culture, but the disadvantage is the lack of emotional color. For large-area color applications, it is advisable to apply color combinations to avoid monotony.

layout attention

a. It should echo with the building structure and combine organically. Reasonable and effective use of space to maximize the benefits of office space, according to local conditions, tailor-made.

b. The customer’s organizational structure, number of departments and functions should be fully considered to meet the particularity of each department’s work and the requirements for desktop space.

c. It should meet the needs of customer management culture and choose between openness and privacy. Some companies emphasize communication and coordination, some companies emphasize trust authorization, and some emphasize independent work. We require the convenience of customer management.

d. The highest state is to create cultural value, that is, to create individuality, to create beauty and artistic value. This requires that the characteristics of corporate culture should be combined.


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