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The Features And Purchasing Skill Of Office Partition

Office partition are also called movable screen doors, mobile partition doors, and track screen doors. The movable door has the characteristics of easy installation, re-usability, industrial production, fire prevention and environmental protection. Mobile partitions bring great convenience to people’s work. For example, movable screens can be folded to one side when needed to temporarily join the two spaces and make them appear larger.

The office partition uses different degrees of visual barrier, which can make full use of the limited space reasonably and effectively, and scientifically combine each independent work position. The screen effectively improves the utilization rate of the unit space, and can also create a comfortable working environment. The office screen can be combined with duckbill countertops of various styles and models, and the office screen can be combined with various drawers and file cabinets, thereby saving decoration costs and reducing engineering costs. The size of the office screen can be customized according to customer requirements.

Office screens are mostly aluminum alloy frames, including the top cover, side cover, and skirting boards are all made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with coloring and spraying. The height can be adjusted according to different ground. The screen fabric is made of linen fabric, which has strong wear resistance, no combustion support, no color difference to the naked eye, anti-fouling treatment, easy to clean, and provides a variety of colors to choose from.

 The ability to distinguish the location space behind the partition, as can be seen from its simple structure, it also means that its price is relatively cheap, and the combination of price, optimization, flexibility and modernity is cost-effective, which makes the screen working position have an irreplaceable position in the desktop category.

The emergence of desk screens not only makes the office more fashionable, but also improves the office efficiency of employees.

Work without interfering with each other, carry out their own work independently, and have their own space for independent thinking. Combined with space science, let every inch of space be fully utilized, so that colleagues do not interfere with each other’s work, work together harmoniously, and make the work between employees more engaged.

The desk can be made in a relatively closed state, so that employees can have a relatively independent office space, so that employees can pay more attention and work efficiently. The partition only has a screen on the front, and there is a gap between the screen and the screen, the advantage of such a screen is that it can not only enable employees to have a certain independent space, but also facilitate communication between employees.

Purchasing skills of office partition

1. Pay attention to the quality of the partition office, carefully check whether the amount of it is qualified, check the wood type indicated on the quality manual, and be sure to choose durable wood; at the same time, check whether the paint on the outside is smooth and uniform. Get close to smelling the paint for a pungent odor. If there is, it’s best not to buy it.

2. Pay attention to the depth, thickness and height of the office partition, as well as the internal and external dimensions. There are many grids for placing antiques or ceramics in the office screen combination. It must be designed according to the height and width of different antiques so as not to waste space. Carefully test the space where the office screen combination is placed for antiques to see if it is suitable.

Maintenance skills of office partition

1. First of all, try to avoid contact with moisture or corrosive gases and liquids. In daily life, you should try to avoid the combination of office screens coming into contact with moisture and corrosive objects, otherwise it will easily cause the surface layer to rot, which will easily lead to damage, and cannot play a role in aesthetic decoration.

2. When there is dust on the surface, a duster or soft cloth should be used to remove dust; if there are stains on the surface, sand wax should be used to wipe it off, instead of cleaning it with water. Washing with water can easily leave moisture in the office screen combination, which is difficult to remove and easily leads to corrosion of the office screen combination. And for the cleaning, it is best to do regular care according to the actual situation, and if conditions permit, you can often oil and wax the finish to keep it beautiful and beautiful. And when wiping, only use a dry soft cloth to gently wipe, never use chemical cleaners or acidic liquids to clean, and try to avoid contact with water.

3. When using, pay attention to the balance, avoid placing the office partition in a place with high temperature, severe vibration, humidity or direct sunlight, and the room should also be ventilated. In a ventilated and suitable environment, the office screen combination can be used for a longer time and provide longer service.

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