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Office Furniture Trends 2022, New Modern Office-colours, Designs

For many decades an office was nothing more than a workplace. They were strictly practical, hardly had any distinctive features or allowed office employees to express themselves in any manner. However, the principles of modern management acknowledge the fact that the atmosphere in the office influences employees’ productivity at a workplace. In other words, a company’s success greatly depends on whether people enjoy their time in the office.

The whole concept of office interior design is relatively new. However, today it is extremely complicated as modern office furniture has to keep up with general design trends as well as demands of the modern corporate community.

In this article, we shall discuss the latest design trends that will shape the image of modern office furniture and workplace interior in 2022.

1.Trendy office colours in 2022

The recent approach says that every detail can influence the overall atmosphere at a workplace and therefore can determine the mood and productivity of each employee.

From this point, the colour pattern of your office is one of the essential things to address if you want to create a trendy and appealing yet comfortable and safe workplace for your employees.

The upcoming colour trends of the modern office design are based on 4 main ideas:

  1. Attention to the principles of colour therapy, psychological and cultural perception of each colour used in the interior;
  2. Using colour as a tool to represent the image of the brand in every detail of the modern office interior;
  3. The colour of your office furniture or decor sets the mood at the workplace;
  4. Colour is an active participant in the work process.
  5. For example, getting a white office desk can change the entire atmosphere in the office. It will make the workplace feel bright and airy due to the ability of white colour to reflect light. It can help you become more productive as, according to the principles of colour therapy, white helps people concentrate and stay focused. Last but not least, a new white office desk will encourage you to keep the workplace clean and tidy.

Mainly that is why white office furniture remains one of the dominant trends in 2022.Taking our situation of sales as an example, so far the most popular color of table top no matter what office furniture, like office partition desk, small cubicle office, even for china office furniture, clients are preferring white table top. So we are promoting new products in white color which could attract client at first sight.

2.Essential office furniture in 2022

  1. The office design trends in 2022 follow the 3 basic principles:

(1).Eco-friendly office. Along with using mainly natural materials in office furniture and decoration, an eco-friendly office in 2022 is an energy-efficient and zero-waste place. It gets the most out of daylight and chooses versatile furnishing solutions; Our material all pass the environmental test which could guarantee a healthy workplace to all staff.  

(2).Personalised space. Since so many office workers enjoyed the benefits of working from home due to the recent quarantine restrictions, today, people still want to feel at home coming back into their workplaces. Modern office allows employees to decorate their workplaces, bring accessories and photos that help them feel comfortable and safe while they are away from home;
(3).The simplicity of genius. Minimalism remains one of the dominant trends in office design in 2022. Modern office furniture has a sharp and clean silhouette and storage solutions such as drawers and mobile pedestals that help to keep the desk surface clean and organised.

(4).Privacy-oriented spaces. Working in bubbles and working from home uncovered the healthy benefits of privacy. Meetings can now be held in plain sight, yet away from the general noise. So Xinda Clover would offer some accessories which client may need, like paper keeper, Photo frame, hang-vast, ect., to provide staff a private, comfy, and personal space.

Considering these guidelines, the trendy office furniture in 2022 will include:

(1).White office furniture-white colour reflects light and makes the office feel bright, airy and spacious. White office desks and cabinets can be perfect centrepieces in the office interior or a versatile canvas that will allow employees to easily incorporate their accessories, photos and design elements into the overall office interior.

(2).Curved desk-ergonomic and comfortable, these desks help you save space and get the most out of your office. They provide maximum support for the wrist and prevent you from leaning towards the monitor, which makes them most safe and comfortable modern office desks;

(3).Storage solutions – long ago, those were entirely practical and faceless cabinets that looked the same in every office. Today bookcases and drawers are an integral part of any modern office setup. Helping you keep the workspace organised and tidy, a cabinet can be a design centrepiece of the modern office interior. We promoted many new pedestal and cabnet in 2022 cuz of increasing need of tidying up by clients, and they prefer metal pedestal for office workstation. Normally, we would match one metal pedestal for each seat to help them keep everything neat and table top clean. For new pedestal models, there are different styles, but both are simple, stylist to meet client’s taste.

(4).Privacy booths and acoustic hubs – they offer the benefit of holding meetings in central, accessible spots, without the distraction and the disturbance of the workspace noise.

Both are all so called new model office table, the trendy in 2022.

3.In summary

Office interior design has changed greatly in the past several years. Today’s corporate culture acknowledges the importance of each team member, their perception of the workplace and emotional attachment to the job.

Office furniture trends in 2022 support this idea and help people feel safe and comfortable at their workplaces while encouraging them to remain focused and productive.

And we Xinda Clover is keeping the trend to offer clients what they need or what. New creation is always ongoing, please keep following up our new trends and news, and all comments will be appreciated.

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