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Take The Road Of High-quality Development — Digital Transformation And Digital Credit Issuance Cooperation Signing Ceremony Was A Complete Success

On the morning of March 30, 2022, Xinda Clover headquarters held digital transformation and digital station, credit cooperation signing ceremony.

Cen Jingsu, Deputy Director of Nanhai District Economic Promotion Bureau, Zhu Zhiqiang, Member of Shishan Town Party Committee, Ou Jingan, Secretary General of Nanhai District Manufacturing Digital Transformation Promotion Association, Zhi Jingbo, President of ICBC Foshan Shishan Sub-branch, Tencent Industrial Internet Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Dawan Wang Xin, general manager of the district base, Li Yun, secretary-general of Nanhai Furniture Association, and other leaders and relevant persons in charge attended the ceremony.

Nanhai is a large manufacturing area. In the next three years, Nanhai will invest more than 6 billion yuan in the digital and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, empowering innovation through intelligent breakthroughs, and realizing the “digital” development of local enterprises through digitalization.

At the signing ceremony, He Guangrong, Chairman of Xinda Clover, Wang Xin, General Manager of Tencent Industrial Internet Base, and Zhi Jingbo, President of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Foshan Shishan Sub-branch respectively delivered speeches on the digital transformation project of Suntec-Govan workshop, expressing solidarity and solidarity. beliefs and determination to set benchmarks.

Among them, Chairman He Guangrong thanked the government for its long-term love for Xinda Clover in his speech. For more than 30 years, enterprises have been able to thrive. In the future, he will try his best to respond to the call of the party and the government, meet the policies of digital transformation and the opportunities of the times, and lead the whole team. Employees, fully mobilize resources, take advantage of situation, brain, strength, and money to promote high-quality development of the company through digital transformation, gain greater market advantages, and build Xinda Clover into a “good society, good customers, and good employees” The Three Good Enterprises.

Assistant General Manager Zhou Zhiwen (second from left) signed a digital loan agreement with ICBC Foshan Shishan Sub-branch on behalf of Xinda Clover; Manufacturing Director Xu Jianhui (second from right), on behalf of Xinda Clover, signed a contract for a workshop digital transformation project with Tencent Industrial Internet Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Base;

The signing ceremony was a complete success, and the Xinda Clover management team toasted with the guests.

After the successful completion of the signing ceremony, Mr. Zhou introduced the development process of Xinda Clover to the guests, and brought the guests to visit the product exhibition hall and on-site inspection of the workshop.

Xinda Clover has been working in the Nanhai for 32 years. In the future, Xinda Clover will continue to strive to be the vanguard of digital transformation, under the care and guidance of the party and the government, and with the support of various policies , with the help of the power of service providers, give full play to the spirit of unity and cooperation of all staff, form a positive linkage, for the digital transformation of the workshop, sweat for the goal of “three good enterprises”, speak with actions and speak with data!

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