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What is the 2020 market outlook for furniture manufacturers in China

Clover is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in China

Office workstations for 4 people

According to the data of “China’s office furniture industry market outlook and investment planning forecast analysis report,” in 2016, the overall sales revenue of China’s office furniture industry reached 171.19 billion yuan, an increase of 8.73% over the previous year’s 157.450 billion yuan. Up to now, China has become the largest manufacturer and exporter of office furniture in the world. In addition, According to the “2016-2021 forecast and analysis report of China office furniture industry market forecast and investment planning” issued by the prospective industry research institute, the rapid development of modern enterprises makes the proportion of office buildings and office areas more and more large, and the demand for office furniture is also growing. The research shows that office furniture will become an important branch of the furniture industry, accounting for China’s economy as a bigger ratio. 

Outlook of China office furniture business

At present, China’s office furniture manufacturer is facing great challenges. Humanization, comfort and technology make the office furniture industry move towards a new stage of development. With the continuous strengthening of consumers’ awareness of green environmental protection, green office furniture building materials have gradually become the mainstream of the industry. In the field of office furniture, environmental protection has always been one of the hot topics in the field of decoration. E-commerce will provide a way to explore new business model for office furniture and building materials industry. Overall, with the development of the Internet of things, mobile payment and cloud computing, the future of consumer utilization of resources will be more concise and convenient, and the future office furniture and building materials industry relying on e-commerce industry will usher in greater opportunities for transformation and upgrading.

Great changes have taken place in the office furniture industry. The future competition is not the competition of products, but in the aspects of office concept, office mode, office efficiency, office cost and office quality. What is important is not only to research products and provide commodities, but also to provide the ability to solve various problems such as space efficiency, office mode, interaction and solitude, innovation ability and team cooperation, culture and sense of belonging.

Concept enhancement

Office furniture is specially prepared for office staff, which is the difference between office furniture and open plan office furniture. Choosing office furniture suitable for enterprises and properly integrating enterprise office philosophy can reflect the essence of enterprise culture from the side, better display corporate culture and values, provide employees with a good office environment, and colleagues can leave a good initial impression on customers.

To meet a variety of work needs and social networking

In the field of modern office, the proportion of women is not small. The design should consider the interest and psychological orientation of gender. Formal and informal work areas and their laminate office furniture should be reasonably matched to meet the diverse work needs and different social interactions.

Mobile furniture is more popular

Office space can not only meet the needs of the post-80s or post-90s. In fact, in influential companies, a large proportion of employees are between 30 and 50 years old. Therefore, only ergonomic office chair and movable office furniture can meet the needs of different body types and different age groups.

Outdoor furniture is popular

In fact, the general comprehensive company, at most 3/4 of the time is at the desk, the rest of the time is outside the office. Therefore, the flexibility of office desk supplier and outdoor furniture have higher requirements. Portable, mobile and combined furniture, especially outdoor furniture, is favored.

The desk screen system is more suitable for the main work area

Staff often have about 42% of the time to focus on their work, but also need to communicate with others. Desk screen office system is a good choice, it can avoid interference, and facilitate interaction with others when they are at work.

Height adjustable office furniture will be standard

According to the survey, about three-quarters of the staff said that they want to be able to freely adjust their personal space and working posture. The height adjustable desk, work lighting, display arm, etc. are the necessary configuration, and also the basic standard configuration for sharing office resources in the future.

Increasing demand for furniture suitable for private space

Quiet private space is particularly important to concentrate on work and work requiring confidentiality, especially in an open working environment, office furniture suitable for this space will increase.

Products conforming to the development of Internet technology will have a place of use

Almost all office workers hope that Internet technology can help them connect with others at work, and they hope to expand the connectivity to a wider community, so as to carry out real-time collaboration and information sharing with more people. Community building capacity is the most valuable technical support for staff.

Laminate office furniture helps improve company image

At present, mainstream practitioners are extremely concerned about the image of their own company, which is of great significance to establish the recognition and cooperation between customers and the outside world. It is hoped that new enterprises or companies in China have higher and higher requirements for office work, so as to promote the progress of design and technology of office furniture manufacturer. Again, such low-cost low-quality office furniture, whether for users or producers, there is no benefit.

Pay attention to culture and taste of new office space, greatly improve the company’s brand value and bargaining power. As conclusion: To sum up, we can see that the office space and function have undergone earth shaking changes, and the format is not the past. Should we continue to follow the trend or innovate? Where is the path of innovation? Its core is to study the market, study customers, study new office mode, and develop products and markets with a definite target on the basis of research, so as to win the victory. Secondly, cross border cooperation and integration, even if it has become a common practice in the field of office work, should also be done in the industry. Otherwise, there will be no way out for us to continue the development mode of large and comprehensive, small and comprehensive in the past. In short, only by innovation can there be a way out.

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