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Office Furniture Trend

Office furniture is a representative of modern business society, and its market demand is highly correlated with the level of economic development. Our country’s office furniture market is in a period of rapid growth. Last year, the total output value of global office furniture reached 53 billion US dollars, accounting for about 12% of the total global furniture output. Asia Pacific is the main production area for office furniture, accounting for 47% of global office furniture production, followed by North America, accounting for 28% of global office furniture production. The field of office design is changing with the development of science and technology and the advancement of office models. Office furniture also needs to keep pace with the times. Traditional office furniture is obviously unable to meet the many needs of diversified office in today’s era. At present, our country’s office furniture industry is developing rapidly with the continuous update of production technology, the continuous increase of varieties, the gradual formation of specialized production and the continuous improvement of management level.

Intelligent technology development

Technology has changed life. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies, it has been applied to all walks of life, and it has also brought many unexpected functions to furniture. Both office furniture(commercial office desks and office table modern) and living furniture need to incorporate more intelligent applications, add more furniture functions, and better realize interaction, which is also the inevitable result of the development of the times. The intelligentization of office furniture is an inevitable trend in the future, and functions such as automatic homing, mobile phone control, and automatic adjustment have been gradually developed. Especially for office furniture based on ergonomics, people, desks, chairs, and the environment in the office system are taken into consideration as a whole, maximize human freedom and comfort, use advanced technology and equipment to improve office conditions, reduce labor intensity, and provide higher efficiency and convenience.

System Architecture Integration

Office furniture needs to be integrated and designed with a systematic structure. It cannot only consider a single form or function, and it is no longer just a single form and single function product. Only in this way can we meet diversified office needs and consider the relationship between furniture and space. Integrated design. Maximize the shared performance between office furniture to meet the needs of more space functions. Make more reasonable use of limited office space to make furniture functions beyond space limitations. This is the fundamental purpose of the integrated design of office furniture. Through the overall planning of the scientific system, considering the openness of the office space structure, from a global perspective For furniture design, by changing the way of use or placing it in a reasonable position, the integration of various functions can be realized, the space can be used more effectively, and the efficiency can be improved.

Green health and environmental protection

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, office furniture is not only a simple tool, but an important factor that can optimize the office environment of workers. Many workers sit in front of the computer for a long time due to work requirements, and occupational diseases such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis are increasingly emerging. Ergonomic and healthy office furniture that can relieve work fatigue is also the main trend of market demand. Green health, safety and environmental protection are the basic requirements of office furniture design, and with the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the demand in this area will be further increased. With the progress of global sustainable development, people are more and more required to protect the environment and to control the exploitation and utilization of resources. The application of furniture materials and the design of the structure should take environmental protection into consideration and meet the design requirements of weight reduction, recycling, regeneration, and reuse.

Furniture customization personalization

The customization of office furniture has gradually become the mainstream now, and it is also a major development trend in the future. Traditional office furniture can no longer meet the needs of modern office workers. Customized furniture can provide more refined and high-end customization, with personalized matching of styles, sizes, and colors. From scheme design to product offering, it fully meets hidden needs. And the standard of explicit demand, to better meet the demand. The biggest feature of custom office furniture is that it has obvious personalization, which can be more artistic and aesthetic than traditional office furniture, and plays an important role in decorating space and displaying corporate image. According to the characteristics of the industry, office habits, and groups, the structure and functionality of office furniture are adjusted and designed, which can give full play to the functionality of office furniture, show a unique corporate culture, and enrich the simple space form.

Modular component flexibility

Modular and modular office furniture will become a major trend, and spatial flexibility is a growing demand trend. The traditional way of pre-planning and permanent layout of office space is giving way to the needs of changing work environments. Modular components can be mixed, stacked and moved, providing countless combinations for dynamic and collaborative workplaces. Let the space not be fixed and rigid, make more efficient use of space, and achieve a more flexible layout. Deformable and movable is an important part of modular furniture, which will make office furniture flexible and changeable, and make the space more flexible, so you can adjust the space layout according to your mind at any time. It changes the functional singleness of traditional furniture. By changing the internal structure of the furniture, the same furniture can be flexibly transformed between multiple functions, and even one item can realize the functions of multiple items, thereby scientifically improving the efficiency of space use.

Furniture decoration naturalization

The imitation of nature is the source of inspiration for people’s creation and design. China office furniture manufacturers/office desk supplier tend to use outdoor and natural elements, and pay more and more attention to introducing outdoor and nature into office spaces in the workplace. Integrate different types of elements into the space, and by subtly integrating these elements, using the image of nature to refine and sublime them, create a variety of unique natural-style office furniture. The fundamental purpose of design is to create a better living environment. Nature has brought us countless inspirations. All kinds of natural materials in nature can be used as raw materials for office furniture. Use natural materials to create spaces and present them in a concise and clear way. It is also a kind of respect and understanding for nature to bring out the beauty of the design and let the interior space return to nature. The ingenious combination of natural materials presents a natural beauty.

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