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How Does Office Furniture Work In Our Daily Life?

Office desks are the most commonly used when we work or in our daily life. Desks have become an indispensable configuration in offices and study rooms. In order to have enough storage space, office space and ease of work, the most important factor we need to consider when equipping desks and chairs is the size and specifications of the desk.

  1. Desk

First of all, the structure of a table is slightly different depending on the occasion of use. Generally speaking, the desks equipped by office workers are composed of simple desks, office double desk, double pedestal office desk, chairs and filing cabinets, which are more convenient and practical to use, so they are praised by many company employees. The desk is generally 1.3 meters long, 0.6 meters high and 0.75 meters high, which is a relatively standard size;

The desks used in the boss’s office have various specifications, but the height is unchanged. The ergonomic one is 0.75 meters, the length is often twice the original, and the width is designed according to the length.

Combination desks are usually divided into two types: two-person(double desk for office) and four-person. A standard double desk home office is similar in size to a small home desk chair with drawers. The two desks are separated by a small screen, and the office space is rationally used to set up structures such as shelves. The length, width and height are 1.8m, 1.2m and 0.75m respectively (you can also make appropriate adjustments according to your needs). Four-person tables can be divided into two types: wrap-around and horizontal, according to the different placement methods, and the sizes are also different.

It should be noted that the size of the desk should generally meet the following guidelines:

  1. a. The percentile makes the table and chair ergonomically designed, and its size can be adjusted year by year;
  2. b. The average standard is that the size of tables and chairs should meet the requirements of most people, and the average size is taken;
  3. c. Maximum and minimum standards This means that the size of tables and chairs should take into account the maximum or minimum anthropometric data, for example, the seat surface width of a chair should be selected according to the maximum data;
  4. d. Adjustable standard .We can often see the application of this principle, such as adjustable seat height, backrest angle and so on.

2. Office Chair

The height difference of the office chair is between 280mm-300mm, the height under the desk is no less than 580mm, and the width is not less than 520mm. When sitting with feet flat on a chair, if the thighs are parallel to the ground and the calves are basically perpendicular to the ground, then the height of the chair is appropriate. The chair is too close to the ground, people sit on it, it is difficult to straighten the legs, the lower limbs are in a bent state, the leg joints cannot be relaxed, and the legs, waist and arms are easily fatigued after a long time, which may cause some waist diseases and joint inflammation. happened.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of how to choose the size of the desk. Choosing the right table and chairs is very important. If the company wants to buy tables and chairs, it is recommended to choose a regular large-scale office furniture factory to buy high-quality products.

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