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Ergonomic Office Design as to Healthy Life

Today my colleague went to hospital, she asked doctor:
Why the back, waist, and neck are sore and sore, and it is easy to get dizzy recently.
Doctor replied: cause you took a long time to work and forgot to change siting posture and stand up to take a break for your body.
This situation is normal in our daily life, especially for workers because after working, you will be too busy to do sport or you don not have enough energy to adjust your body in time. After a while, body warning are ringing, painful uncomfortable make you crazy, yelled. How to avoid it?
The regular answer will be like as follow:
We are not to sit for six hours at work and then head to the gym afterward…….but do we really have time to do it?
Our answer is incorporating standing, pacing and other forms of activity into your normal day—and standing at your desk for part of it is the easiest way of doing so.
The hottest ergonomic design in 2022 is standing desk also calls adjustable desk, electric standing desk and so. It has many names but when you look it, i bet you would want it.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits scientists have found so far
•    Cancer risks are reduced by 30%.
•    Heart disease risks are reduced by 46%.
•    Increases in energy, productivity and stamina.
•    Decreased back and neck pain.
•    Pain from carpel tunnel issues are reduced.
•    Weight loss.  Standing burns more calories than sitting.

Office workers often sit for long periods of time, which leads to back pain in the long run. Working time takes up most of their life. They really need to take good care of their bodies. Incorrect desk height will cause the muscles of the upper body to tighten easily, which will cause damage to the musculoskeletal system in the long run. , resulting in poor blood circulation, muscle soreness, and lower body edema; coupled with prolonged sitting, it will lead to decreased muscle endurance and poor metabolism, leading to health problems such as obesity and cardiovascular disease. The first step in creating an ergonomic environment is to choose the right table. Choose an standing desk. It is recommended that the tabletop can be adjusted so that the arms are placed naturally flat, and the shoulders must be relaxed to operate the computer. The proportions are different, and the table that can adjust your height is the most recommended. If you have a special body shape with long or short legs, you need to pay more attention to the selection of the desk. We will recommend you to choose the electric metal standing desk that suits you according to your needs. In addition to being able to adjust the height that is most suitable for your height when you are sitting, it also allows you to stand to work. The benefits of standing to work are to promote blood circulation, reduce spinal pressure, balance muscles, and also avoid sedentary diseases and develop alternate postures. Habits, to achieve a balance between sitting and standing.

There are lots of colors of table top to choose, such as oak standing desk, as above one. We have many clients who is in manager position, they like choosing the oak standing desk as manager desk.It looks more generous simple fashion. Standing desk is going to replace traditional manager desk like red walnut desk, solid elm desk, marble square office desk and so on.

Metal standing desk has four memory functions, which can be adjusted to the four most comfortable heights for you. Save it, you don’t need to adjust it again when you use it next time. You can directly press the memory unit to lift to the memory height. This design is more humanized and meets people’s timely needs. The adjustable range is 2~4.2feet, two parts single motor, three parts dual motors metal standing desk.

Benefits of standing desk

1.A healthier way of working

Standing to work has many benefits for the body, such as promoting metabolism, allowing sedentary people to avoid occupational injuries such as obesity and chronic diseases, and reducing the damage to the cervical spine and back caused by looking down at the computer screen for a long time. Electric standing desk can let us easily change the way we work, stand when we want to stand, and sit when we want to sit down. We suggest that we can change our traditional working way. If you feel unwell or feel tired one day, you can easily adjust it by pressing a button. Table height, allow yourself to sit back and rest.


2.Improves Work mood and reduces fatigue

We often feel tired when working, and even our head will enter a drowsy and unable to think mode. In this case, work is not efficient, and the atmosphere of the office will become lifeless. How to make this kind of work? What about a feeble work style change? A study has pointed out that people who use electric standing desks to work all day feel much less stress and fatigue than people who sit for a long time; another study also mentioned that more than 80% of people who work by standing way say that they are full of energy throughout the day. Although electric standing desks may be a little more expensive than ordinary desks, if you consider that employees or themselves can improve their work mood and reduce fatigue, electric standing desks are definitely a good option to invest.

3.Increase work efficiency

Standing desk can make you more productive? A foreign study pointed out exactly that the productivity of people who use electric standing desks to work increases by 45%; while other studies have also proposed the same result: the work efficiency of people who use electric metal standing desks as working way, the efficiency really get higher! If this way of standing to work makes our body less sore, improves our mood, and eliminates the fatigue caused by work, then our work efficiency will naturally be greatly improved.

4.Promote teamwork

The biggest advantage of using electric standing desks in the office is that you can flexibly choose to stand or sit down to work, which will make the overall atmosphere of the office feel more lively. In fact, many companies now have the problem of insufficient employee centripetal force and even low employee participation. Choose The electric standing desk can be regarded as creating a new working mode. The table is not limited to one person. The multi-purpose method of one table allows each group of people to share the office together, strengthen the connection between people, and increase the communication between colleagues and partners. It will create enthusiastic working atmosphere, increase employees’ participation in company activities,works, and the overall centripetal force.

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the little things in life that can cause their own health problems. Sitting in the office for a long time is one of them. Small habits that seem to be insignificant in a short period of time can cause considerable physical damage in the long run! Using an electric standing desk can not only keep the body healthy, but also improve the efficiency of employees and increase the employee’s sense of participation in work. Xinda Clover is a team with many years of experience in planning office space, especially the field of electric lift tables is our specialty. Hope to help you create a more comfortable working space. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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