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Tips Of Office Interior Design

As your company grows, your brand innovates, and your company strategy evolves, does the office represent your company’s brand and inspire your employees to be their best? Don’t underestimate the power of an office environment to improve productivity, inspire relationships, and transform the work lives of your employees, not to mention the benefits to your company to ensure that it doesn’t fall behind the times as it continues to recognize the benefits of updating its offices to accommodate a different generation of employees, a dynamic team of employees that will help get the most from the design of your office, here are Office design and decoration suggestions.

Tips of office interior design

Before taking the plunge, devote some time to evaluate the following factors.

1) Time Cost: 

Depending on the nature of the organization, the style of interior design along with the associated time and cost would vary. Before going ahead with the project, consider how much time you are willing to devote for getting the interiors done.  

2) Keep mind of a ‘flexible budget’:  

Office interior design is far more complex than home interior design and requires consideration of numerous factors, many of which exceed planning costs. This is because we need to take into account the comfort of the employees working in order to provide the overall productivity of the team.

Additionally, it is also necessary to evaluate the requirements of the workspace – For instance, are more workstations required, or should there be more emphasis on storage? There could be a lot of changes during the actual process, so it is ideal to be open to a flexible budget.

3) Find a balance between appearance, comfort and functionality:  

For an office space to be effective, it needs to strike the right balance between a pleasing appearance, comfort and functionality. Excessive emphasis on style often leads to employees being overwhelmed, not to mention the wrong choice of lights and colours!

Once you are sure about the above fundamental aspects, you can go ahead with the project. Follow the tips below to design a workplace that is effective in terms of appearance, design and functionality. 

1. Reception Desk and Lobby:

In any office, the reception desk serves as the face of the organisation. This is the first point of contact for customers as well as existing and future employees. It is necessary to make sure that the reception area creates a favourable impression on anybody who walks into the office premises.

Use light and airy colors for the walls, especially if the area is small. Use colour schemes that complement the colors in your company logo. Add framed photographs of the company’s achievements, thoughts of the company leadership, or some pleasant sceneries. Emphasize on the use of natural light, as far as possible. In case of artificial lights, avoid using fluorescent lights. Spotlights work best to provide the right balance. Keeping indoor, easy-to-maintain plants in the lobby creates a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Office Layout: 

Most contemporary companies choose the open plan in case of an office layout. Separate, closed cubicles consume a lot of space and also create barriers between employees, thereby cutting off communication.

Adaptable Desk systems are in vogue owing to the flexibility they offer, as well as the provision for technology integration. Smaller meeting rooms with pleasant colour schemes work well without being intimidating. Allot a corner or two for ideation and creative thinking. Harness as much natural light as possible. ‘Bringing the outdoors in’ is another trend catching up with companies – using a combination of wooden decor and earthy colors to create the outdoorsy effect within the office premises.

Not only that, we recommend ergonomic office design, such as the standing desk office layout. Adjustable desk design is from people’s health considerations, sedentary chronic diseases brought about by the continuous erosion of people’s body functions active, in order to maintain a healthy state, it is highly recommended to use the standing desk office layout for workplace.

The following design immediately evokes a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The simple bar design has become a regular feature of many pantry designs nowadays. The bar table is made of marble, mostly solid wood, with high bar chairs(bar stool).

3. Lighting:

Light matters a lot in the workplace. Choose cost-effective lighting that is neither too dim, nor too bright. Both cause strain on the eyes, especially when trying to focus on the computer or the mobile screen.

Overhead lighting can often be too dim, or cause shadow. It should be used with other types of lighting, like corrective and ambient lighting. Corrective lighting is placed behind monitor screens to reduce the strain on a person’s eyes. Ambient lighting is low intensity lighting that has more to do with the environment of the workplace.

Task lights are small lights that can be plugged into any outlet to provide extra light whenever the employee needs it.

4. Colour Schemes:

In order to choose the right colour for a workspace, evaluate the nature of work and the kind of environment needed. However much we may argue, colours do have a psychological impact on us. Include blue in the colour scheme, if most projects in the workplace need teamwork. It instills a sense of trust among employees, and also helps to keep the atmosphere calm.

Green boosts creativity, and creates a harmonious environment. It also helps to reduce anxiety.

Yellow and orange are best suited for workplaces that demand high energy and enthusiasm from their employees.

White, when combined with natural light, encourages creativity, and also makes the space appear more spacious. It also increases focus.

5.Office furniture

The choice of office furniture is crucial to the design, many customers come to us with drawings to buy office furniture, but often can not be fully consistent with the design drawings, this is why?

As a professional office furniture solution provider, we have the confidence to popularize the following office furniture knowledge.

First of all, for the choice of office desks, there are usually two kinds: office workstations (open office style), office cubicle. workstations for the nature of the company leaning towards design, self-publishing, entertainment, publicity, etc., the need to share between employees to communicate the company model. cubicle office, partition office desk is suitable for telemarketing, finance and other nature of the company, privacy and sound insulation requirements of a high working environment. Given the nature of the company to choose a desk is the most sensible choice.

Second, the choice of office chairs about the health of employees. Today many practitioners need to sit from morning to night, a chair can determine the state of health of the neck back waist, so the choice of best tall office chair becomes critical.

What is the best tall office chair?

It is best to have a variety of adjustable functions, armrest adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment, chassis adjustment, seat width adjustment, etc. Through a number of subtle adjustments, adjust to the most comfortable state of workers, work efficiency will also be provided. This is the best tall office chair.

Of course, the manager or boss will choose pure leather chair to show the status, pure leather chair also has the above mentioned adjustment function, more details welcome to consult our company.

The company’s visitor chair can not be ignored, try to choose affordable side chair or leisure chair as like single sofa. Sometimes, a good visitor chair will give guest deep impress. 

If you are interested about the above products, welcome to contact Xinda Clover.

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