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How To Choose A Suitable Office Chair?

People have done statistics, if you work for over 40 years in your life, you will spend about 80,000 hours sitting on it. So, how to choose the adjustable office chair that suits you? More importantly, once you have a good chair, do you really know how to use it well?

According to the opinion of many office workers, a suitable office chair must have three characteristics – swivel, adjustable height, and a lumbar support at the waist of the chair. So, does having these 3 factors make a good chair? That is far from enough.

In answering the above questions, there are 6 key dimensions to consider:   

A.Surface Design:

It is best to be elastic and breathable, so that consumers can sit on it comfortably and not feel stuffy.

B. Seat Width and Depth:

Whenever you decide to upgrade your chair, keep these 2 points in mind. The ergonomic chair is adjustable to suit different body weights, body shapes and forms. It must be wide and deep enough to support your body type. The normal width of an office chair is between 17 and 20 inches. The seat should also be deep enough for you to sit on the back of the chair. There should be 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knee and the seat of the chair.

C. Lumbar Support:

This provides support for your lower back. A good office chair should include lumbar support so you can provide the perfect fit and support for the inward curve of your lower back. As a result, good posture is maintained for hours.

D.Seat Material:

Make sure that the seat material on the seat back and seat is breathable and thick enough to allow you to sit for extended periods of time. Choose the material that works best for you.


It gives you more control and allows customization to meet your specific needs. When people are leaning and resting, the elbows can be leaned on by adjusting the length of the armrests. Also in the process of people’s desk operation, the elbows are supported by the forward leaning of the armrests. Including the height adjustment and angle adjustment of the armrest, users of various body types can achieve the best office posture.

What can be adjusted is the height of the seat cushion itself, the second can be adjusted is the height of the armrests, and then the adjustable is the front, back, and inclination angles of our backrest when we sit down. In addition, we can also adjust the shoulders. The parts of the head support, which are the most basic parts that can be adjusted. Then a more comfortable and reasonable height is the angle formed by the thigh and the calf, which is slightly less than 90°.

F.Comfort Level:

When people work every day, they are not always in a fixed sitting position. Sometimes the body needs to be supported by the back of the chair when leaning back, rocking from side to side, or even turning left and right.

In the end, even with the fittest and best office chair, long-term work requires posture adjustments. If sitting for a long time is not ideal for the body, if you have been sitting for an hour, you should stand up and move for at least three minutes, walk for a while, so that the blood can circulate, and some parts of the body that have been relatively stiff can be moved and relaxed.

For chairs that cannot be adjusted, it is best to add a lumbar support cushion at the back waist position, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the waist. When purchasing an office chair, don’t pay too much attention to the appearance of the product, sit on it for a long time and use it before deciding whether to buy it. I hope these tips can help you and solve your confusion when choosing the adjustable office chair. 

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