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What is a back chair? What are the classifications of back chairs?

Backrest chairs originated in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and were more commonly used after the Tang Dynasty. The chair surface is generally square, with a backrest and an arched head. The styling feature of the back chair is that the back has no armrests, and the back is not headed. The backrest of this chair has different forms, some of which are called "uniform monument" chairs. The other is called "Lamp Hanging Chair", and its beam grows out of two columns, which are slightly upturned, like a lamp pole carrying a lamp, hence the name.

What are the types of back chairs

1. Classical back chair

① hanging lamp chair


The lamp hanging chair is a kind of chair with a long history. It has appeared during the Five Dynasties. Gu Hongzhong's "Han Xizai Night Banquet" has such a chair. It was more common in the Song Dynasty. The top end of this kind of chair is protruded out at both ends, and some form a graceful and interesting bow shape, much like the beam of a bamboo oil lamp in rural areas in the south of the Yangtze River, so people call it a lamp hanging chair.


②Official hat chair


But in terms of its shape, in fact, the official hat chair and the hanging lamp chair are very close. It can even be said that the difference between the two lies in the presence or absence of handrails. As far as the overall shape is concerned, the hanging lamp chair is concise, light and practical, and is generally full of light. Later, it developed into a complete set with the simple and generous inner beauty.


③Uniform chair


The unified chair is also called the unified monument chair. This is a chair with a single back without armrests, which originated in the Ming Dynasty and flourished in the Qing Dynasty. Its main feature is that the back and the seat are at right angles, and the back and the hind legs are connected together. The upper and lower widths are the same, the back is rectangular and straight and straight, shaped like an ancient stele, so it is called a unified stele chair, or a unified chair for short.


 2. Modern back chair


①Ordinary back chair


The ordinary back chair is evolved from the classical back chair, which is different from the classical back chair from the subtle changes in material and shape. The materials used are mainly a combination of solid wood and some modern metal materials.


②Functional back chair


At present, the main function of functional back chairs on the market is anti-static, which is widely used in office environments, home studios, study rooms and other areas. Through the design of materials and shapes, it can achieve both anti-static and high comfort.


 3. How to choose a modern back chair


 1. Armrest


The simple way for beginners to judge the quality of a chair is to see whether the armrest of the chair is connected to the back of the chair or the seat cushion. The armrest is connected to the back of the chair. When leaning back, the armrest can maintain the back of the person. Same angle for comfortable arm support.


 2, lumbar support


When it comes to the comfort of a chair, the most important thing should be the lumbar support. The older you are, the more sensitive you are to this. The lumbar support looks simple, but the lumbar support is a high-tech part of the entire chair. There must be a complex mechanical mechanism connected to the entire chair. Of course, the real test method is to sit on your own, regardless of various postures. , Whether the back of the chair can completely wrap the back and support it.


 3. Backrest tilt strength


Different people have different weights, and the required backrest tilt strength is actually different. However, the tilting force of ordinary chairs is fixed, which makes it difficult for people with light weight to lean down, while people with heavy weight lean to the bottom at once, which not only has no sense of support, but also easily falls over.


 4. Other


When buying a chair, we should buy a chair with complete functions, the height of the armrest, adjustable inside and outside, the seat can be tilted forward (useless for many people), etc.; the chair with the flexibility of the rollers, even if the person does not sit on the wheels Can get a good grip; optional floor wheels are convenient for use on wooden floors; breathable mesh material makes it not stuffy for long periods of use.