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There are 5 great tricks to choose a sofa in the living room, now I know it's not too late!

Tip 1: Choose according to the indoor area

  ①Large apartment: you can take the length of the sofa to occupy the entire living room, and then make one side of it into a concubine style, so that more people can be seated, and it looks more atmospheric.

  ②Small apartment: Small apartment is more suitable for L-shaped display, which can seat more people and save space at the same time.

   Technique 2: Choose according to the material of the sofa

  According to the material, sofas are basically divided into fabric, leather, solid wood, etc. The most commonly used sofas are fabric and leather sofas.

  Fabric sofa: The price is relatively close to the people, the style is diverse, the color is rich, and the texture is very skin-friendly. It is the first choice for most family living rooms. However, fabric sofas are harder to take care of, and it is painful to accidentally get dirty and clean.

  Leather sofa: The price is generally not low, which can increase the space texture. Imitation leather sofas are not durable and generally not recommended. The colors of leather sofas are generally cool colors, suitable for a calm home style. But it has a very good advantage, that is, it is very convenient to take care of and easier to clean than a fabric sofa.

  Solid wood sofa: It is used more in the new Chinese style, and many young people are also inclined to this style. But its material is relatively hard. If you like to watch TV in the sofa after get off work, the comfort of solid wood sofa may not be so high.

   Tip 3: Choose according to the sofa filling

   When choosing a sofa, we should not ignore the inner quality of the sofa, that is, do not ignore the filling of the sofa. The stuffing determines whether the sofa is comfortable. When buying, you can try to press the armrest and backrest of the sofa with your hands. If you can clearly feel the frame of the sofa, the density of the filling of the sofa may be poor and there is no elasticity. It is not recommended to buy.

   There are four main types of padding for sofas:

  1. Soft polyurethane foam (commonly known as sponge): The sponges used for sofa filling are mainly divided into three categories: Conventional sponge is a kind of sponge produced by conventional polyether and TDI as the main body. It is characterized by good resilience, softness, and air permeability; high resilience sponge is a kind of sponge produced by active polyphosphorus and TDI as the main body. It has excellent mechanical properties and good elasticity. Large compression load, flame resistance, and good air permeability; chaotic pore sponge is a kind of sponge similar to natural seaweed with different inner holes. It is characterized by good elasticity and excellent cushioning during compression and rebound.

  2. Down filling: Down is used as sofa filling, it has a comfortable sitting feeling and small deformation after long-term use. The disadvantage is slow rebound and high cost. It is generally used in conjunction with sponge in high-end sofas, or suitable for use as cushions.

  3. Artificial cotton filling: Artificial cotton is used as sofa filling, which has excellent softness and comfortable sitting feeling, but it has poor mechanical properties and small compression load, so it is only suitable for back cushions. The choice of the sofa's filler: according to the different types of fillers, there are big differences in use.

      4. Latex: With the change of the times, various products made of natural latex emerge in an endless stream. The more common ones are latex pillows and mattresses (Tengye family has natural latex mattresses), etc. Natural latex has antibacterial and anti-mite effects, which is ideal One of the furniture fillings. In addition, the good air permeability of latex can also play a role in warming in winter and cooling in summer.

   Technique 4: Choose according to the resilience of the sofa

   A good quality sofa, its resilience is definitely very good. Even if you play on it or sit for a long time, the sofa cushion will not be deformed. So when we buy a sofa, we need to pay attention to the resilience.

   Nowadays, sofas with better resilience generally adopt a combination of serpentine springs and bandages, so that the firmness and resilience of the sofa will be doubled. Even if your children jump around on the sofa, the seat cushion is not easy to deform.

   Tip 5: Choose according to the quality of the sofa

The first is the sofa leg. There are many designs of the sofa leg, such as: made of metal, and some are made of pulleys. These are what we need to check carefully, mainly to see if it is strong and whether it is stable on the ground, if it is not stable We will be uncomfortable even sitting on it.

   Next is the quality of the sofa frame, which directly determines the quality and service life of the sofa. If possible, try to choose a solid wood frame as the sofa has a better load-bearing capacity.