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Shenzhen Everich Industrial Development con.,LTD project used our T3,T8,DIA and ALX series of office workstation desks, conference tables and executive desks.

Modern office workstation desk 

T3 and T8 series feature quick and easy installation. It allows communication when necessary and also provides individual space. It is mixing individual and group work, and the combined space allow team members have balanced privacy. T8 partition(T=60mm) allow to join with T3 partition(T=32 mm), provide more economic solutions and more configurations.

Modern conference table of DIA series feature is stable table frame and easy to assemble. Convenient wires system makes it easy to access different high-tech office equipment.

Modern executive desk of ALX series designs simple, easy to install. Convenient wires system makes all without taking up much space and more beautiful. This design gives people cord-free surfaces for work and easy access to outlets and ports.