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Movable Partition

The office partition divider is a movable wall that can divide a large space into small spaces or connect small spaces into large spaces at any time according to needs, and has the function of a general wall.

Office partition divider is also called movable partition wall, partition, movable display board, movable screen, movable partition, movable screen, movable sound insulation wall, movable wall, sliding door. It has the characteristics of easy installation, reusability, industrial production, fire prevention, environmental protection, etc. .

office partition divider modular

Removable and removable partitions according to use requirements. It is assembled from lightweight partition units with the same height as the ceiling of the room or only part of the height of the room. The partition unit is usually 6-12 cm thick and 60-120 cm wide. It is framed by wood or thin-walled metal profiles, and is double-sided with plywood, fiberboard or gypsum board. Some are also filled with honeycomb paper to enhance stiffness, or filled with mineral wool to improve sound insulation. The installation method of the partition with the same height as the ceiling of the room is: first place the upper sill with groove on the ceiling, insert the partition fan into the groove, and place two spacers or bolts with adjustable height under each partition fan. After positioning, cover the lower gap with the skirting board. This kind of partition fan is used in houses and schools where the space separation is changed for a long time. The low partition with only part of the height of the room is installed with low partition fan. First install the low partition fan on a column that can stand on the ground, or connect several low partition fans to a certain angle with bolts or hinges, or connect them into a foldable Chinese screen. The height depends on the needs. If it is used to block the sight of the standing person, it can be 1.5 to 2 meters, and if it is used to block the sight of the sitting person, it can be 1.2 to 1.5 meters. Office halls, restaurants and exhibition halls can also use upper and lower exposed partitions.

office partition divider push

A partition that can be moved along the track composed of multiple partitions. The width of each partition is generally 60 to 120 cm. The height depends on the needs, the structure and the partition fan used for the assembled movable partition are the same. There are two types of partitions: sliding and sliding. Sliding type, the lower part is equipped with pulleys, and the ceiling and the ground are equipped with grooved guide rails, which are suitable for movable partitions with large self-weight. The lower guide rail of the sliding partition is hidden on the ground, which is easy to be blocked by dust accumulation, and affects the use and appearance of the ground, so it is not used much. For the upper sliding type, generally two sets of pulleys with rotatable directions are installed on the upper part of each partition fan to move in one direction along the track. A track with an L-shaped, T-shaped or cross-shaped plane can also be installed, so that the partition fan can change the direction and divide the large space into a plurality of small spaces. The partitions can be moved by hand or by electricity depending on the width and weight of the partition. When not separated, the partitions can be stacked on both sides or stored in the storage room.

office partition divider foldable

A foldable movable partition is composed of multiple partitions. There are two types of wide fan and narrow fan. The partition fan used in the wide fan type is the same as that used in the push-type movable partition. The upper part of each partition fan is installed on the guide rail with a set of pulleys that can change the direction, and the partition fans are connected by hinges. room. This kind of partition is restrained by many factors, and it may not be easy to push if it is not handled properly, so there is a double-leaf folding type with two partitions connected together. The width of the partition of the narrow fan folding movable partition is usually 10-30 cm, and there are soft double-folding and hard single-folding. Hard single-folding type, mostly using fiberboard, plastic board or thin steel plate as partition fan, with plastic or metal as hinge. Each partition fan is installed on the guide rail with a set of pulleys that can change the direction to become a foldable sliding partition. The double-folded soft, multi-purpose thin steel sheet is used to make a telescopic hinged frame with pulleys on it, which is loaded into the guide rail. Both sides of the hinged skeleton are covered with soft leatherette or plastic sheeting, which can be closed and opened like an accordion. This partition is lightweight, beautiful, easy to install, and can be curved for flexible use. Thin steel sheets and sound-absorbing materials can also be lined in the interlayer to improve sound insulation.

office partition divider hanging

The partition fan with a larger area is suspended in the upper space of the room, and the lifting and lowering partition is adjusted by a motor, and some can also be moved left and right. The space can be fully enclosed or partially separated. This kind of partition is mostly used in buildings such as exhibition halls, auditoriums and multi-functional halls that can be concealed in the upper part, also used in recording halls to adjust the volume, and also used in theater stage openings as fire curtains.

office partition divider roll

Rollable and comfortable partitions connected by narrow strips of wood, plastic or metal. Sheets of metal and plastic can be rolled to form hinges and connected to each other, while wooden strips are perforated and connected with ropes or wires. There are horizontal and vertical roll partitions. Horizontal guide rails are set up and down, and a set of pulleys are set on the upper part every 3 to 5, which can slide along a straight line or an arc; it can be rolled up to one side or both sides. Vertical upward roll, such as rolling shutter door, the span is generally 3 to 6 meters. Roll-type partitions can be manually or electrically operated. Both horizontal and vertical types are rolled on a reel. After rolling up, the volume is small and can be hidden in a storage box on the wall or on the ceiling.