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Modern Office Supplies Desk Organizer

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Xinda Clover
Model Number: XDG
Type: Desk Organizer
Style:Modern Design
Function:Stationary Storage

1.Use these handy hanging basket to keep track of all your cubicle office or whiteboard accessories. Their versatile design allows them to be used nearly everywhere, and are a great way to store pens, pencils, spices, condiments, tape, notepads, notes, and other small items. 


The desk organizer will keep the stuff you need at hand while staying out of your way. 

Great for storing cubicle office supplies, pens, markers, tape, spices, condiments, notepads, and much more.

A set of desk tray storage basket to keep your office or school areas clutter-free 

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