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How to workstation partition

There are many types of desks, and the most common is the staff desk. The development of staff desks has expanded to a variety of styles, and modern modular workstations have emerged to meet the needs of different companies. Staff desk workstations are mainly divided into two types: open and closed, each of which has its own advantages and characteristics. The following is an introduction to office modular workstations of different shapes.

1. Linear workstation partition

A straight desk will make the office more compact and dense, making the most of the space. In addition, from the company's point of view, the sharing of office equipment can save more costs. And for employees, the office space created by the linear desk makes people's visual space more open. Such office furniture can not only shorten the distance between people and promote communication and cooperation between people but also create a relaxed office environment for employees and improve work efficiency.

2. Type I composable workstation partition

There are many ways to place an L-shaped desk. By arranging and combining, it can be placed in various shapes. Four of them can be placed in a cross. Two of them can be placed against the wall in a T shape. For example, the shape of one and f can make the whole office space more fully utilized.

Compared with the linear desk, the L-shaped staff desk has a larger desktop range, which can better meet the freedom of employees to place items at will and the needs of office work. Putting some green potted plants and some decorations in the spare space of the staff table can not only increase the beauty of the office but also have the function of radiation protection.

3. Special-shaped workstation partition

Special-shaped desks, also called multi-person desks, are not suitable for narrow and long offices. It is placed in long, narrow office environments or combined with rectilinear workstations. It takes up more space than a straight desk workstation, and it's not particularly pretty. The Y-shaped office module workstation is especially suitable for open and large-area office environments and is more economical than the linear desk workstation and the L-shaped desk workstation.

What kind of people is the special-shaped desk workstation suitable for? This type can be customized for 3, 6 and 9 people desk workstations, showing a semi-circle shape, it can make the communication between employees close, so it is especially suitable for team frankness Open communication.