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How to choose the best office workstation desk among others

A large workstation desk is the best piece of furniture for work and entertainment, office and home. The best workstation desk can be the center of any particular activity space, whether it's a hobby, homework, work, or just a pleasure. One of the strangest pieces of furniture anyone can have, when you buy a table, you have unlimited choices. We will help you break down various styles, functions and forms, and help you find the perfect workstation desk for your life.

4 desk workstationModern 4 desk workstation

Showing you various types of computer workstation desk by materials

Each category focuses on specific uses, including writing, computers, secretaries, bookcases and small workstation desks. Each style, material and finish gives it a unique style of the room in which it is located, so the selection of the appropriate model requires an equal assessment of its appearance and function. A 2 person workstation desk-top itself is the place where you come into contact with the workstation desk, and it is also the place where most of the furniture interacts. Whether hidden in the storage room below or as a simple workstation desktop, this material determines the appearance and feel of the table when used.


The wooden surface is the most traditional form of tabletop. These are usually shown on the top of all wood tables, but can also be mounted on metal frames.


The glass surface adds a bold modern feel to any table. Combined with wood or metal structures, glass enlarges the visual space and illuminates the whole furniture. Glass tabletops are usually removable for cleaning, maintenance or movement, and can be found in various shapes and configurations.


A protective material covering the top of a timber structure with a laminated surface. This coating is usually some kind of plastic to prevent workstation desk stains and warping. These are not the most luxurious workstation desktops, but they offer practicality, versatility and peace of mind.


A metal 4 desk workstation desktop is the most practical design. Resistant to stains and abrasion and keeping cool to the touch, this is another modern material that is often paired with modern designed workstation desks, such as glass. As you can see, the metal workstation desktop can be paired with a traditional wooden workstation desk for a high contrast look.

Showing types of office workstation desks by its function

Computer workstation deskComputer workstation desk

Computer workstation desks

In the modern home office environment, the computer workstation desk is the most practical and practical of all the home workstation desks. These devices provide enough space for the tower and monitor, as well as storage for any computer accessories, cables, and peripherals you may need. Like the writing workstation desk, it's built for efficiency and simplicity, but adds space for hardware components. The key components include keyboard tray and large storage area of CPU. In other words, more and more people no longer own large workstation desktop computers, but choose laptops and tablets because they have enough computing power to manage everything digitally. This can make your computer workstation desktop obsolete because you don't need typical computer workstation desktop features, such as keyboard tray and CPU storage section. However, you may still want a computer workstation desk as your home. Here is an example. At the back is a large gallery with many different types of computer tables.

Credenza workstation desks

Bookcase workstation desk (or called Credenza workstation desk), as the name suggests, combines the workstation desk and the bookcase packed with the cabinet. This is a piece of furniture usually reserved for dining room or living room, which is valued for its fashion and practical value. When you are combined with a workstation desk, you can benefit from both pieces of furniture as long as you have enough space for one.

Roll-top workstation desks

As I grew up, my parents had a spectacular antique roll top workstation desk in their living room, and they bought a refurbished antique workstation desk in an old antique shop. But you don't have to buy antiques, you can buy new ones. The  roll-top workstation desks may also consider to be called “roller shutter workstation desk” is a kind of workstation desk that rolls up a cover on the surface of the workstation desk to fix all contents. Although not the most practical 2 person workstation desk, especially in computers, it can be a beautiful piece of furniture in any office, living room or master bedroom.

2 person workstation desk2 person workstation desk

Corner table (corner workstation desks)

In a compact iteration process, corner table can be a convenient solution to solve space problems, or it can be a large surface area package in its more elaborate configuration. They can provide more workstation desktop space in a smaller area or a large L-shaped arrangement, depending on your target size. The best part is their ability to provide extra leg space.

Executive workstation desks

The black desk workstation is the king of the home office world. These woodcarving specimens have plenty of drawer storage space and surface area, as well as usually huge footprints, which give people a magnificent and eternal attraction different from other styles.

Secretary workstation desks

This is a table with hinges on the table top and a bookcase on it, usually closed with a door or drawer. The whole is usually a single, tall and heavy piece of gorgeous furniture. It was originally designed for those who wanted an adjustable workstation desk but didn't have enough space to put a formal model of the folding top.

Adjustable height office workstation desk

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about how unhealthy it is to sit for a long time. As a result, standing workstation desks are becoming more and more popular because it is said that working on a standing workstation desk for part of the time is said to be good for health.