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How to choose exquisite office furniture

1. Pay attention to the safety of office furniture. The first thing to talk about is the safety of office furniture. The office is a human-centric area, so the health of employees is the first thing that enterprises should consider at any time. Therefore, when buying furniture, the first thing you should consider is whether the furniture will affect the health of employees and whether it is environmentally friendly office furniture. For example: whether the surface of the board has defects such as scratches, indentations, bubbling, degumming, peeling, and glue marks; whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth; also pay attention to the edge banding, a good edge banding veneer is very smooth, smooth and delicate Poor-quality edge-sealing veneers are likely to cause unevenness, warping, etc., and employees may damage their arms and wear them when they work. These circumstances must be taken into consideration.

2. The color of office furniture There are many different colors for office furniture, but what color should I use? This is to be based on the specific considerations based on the overall tone of the company. Office furniture of different colors creates a different atmosphere. Studies have shown that inappropriate office furniture colors directly affect office efficiency.

1. Most of the offices are located in the office area of the office building. The space is relatively low and relatively crowded. Therefore, in such an environment, the office furniture should be lighter colored as much as possible, so as to have a sense of expansion. . Dark furniture will give people a sense of depression. Also suitable for light-colored office furniture are some serious offices such as scientific research institutions or national units. The office furniture color of this type of office is white or light blue.

2. For an office with a small area but a very high storey, in order to adjust the uncomfortable feeling of openness and desertedness brought by the building itself, you can choose some dark office furniture.

3. If your office space is not exposed to direct natural light, but in a shaded office environment, then your office furniture must choose a brighter color as the main tone, and then match other colors. Because the shaded space itself is relatively dim, bright colors will neutralize some of the inherent office environment deficiencies, and then match the appropriate lighting to create a happy office space for employees.

3. Determine the size of the furniture according to the size of the space. I don’t know if you have such experience. Entering an office space, you obviously feel that the overall decoration and office furniture are very high-end, but it just feels wrong. Then it may be office furniture and space. There is a problem with the ratio. The key to knowing whether the office space is coordinated is the reasonable ratio of furniture and space. Therefore, before consumers buy office furniture, they must first judge the size of the furniture according to its placement in the overall space. If they can’t handle it well, they need to communicate and negotiate with the designer. If the size is not appropriate, no matter how high the value of the furniture is, it will greatly affect the display effect, and it is easy to cause the furniture to be incompatible with the entire space.

In addition to the overall coordination of the furniture size, the size of the furniture must also be considered. Take the most common office desk for example: whether you buy a finished desk or a customized desk, it must have a suitable height . Generally speaking, the height of the desk in most offices is 75cm above the ground. Of course, the height of 75cm is just a reference value, and it depends on the different needs of each office. According to surveys, the most comfortable and healthy posture considered by employees is that a person sits on a chair with a straight back, his arms droop naturally, and his hands are placed on the table. The angle between the forearm and the forearm should be close to 90 degrees. If the table is too large High, the arm frame will put pressure on the shoulder on the table, too short will affect the flexibility of operation.

Fourth, the office furniture style should be unified imagine, if the overall style of your office is Scandinavian style, sofas, background walls, etc. are some relatively simple styles, but the desks and chairs are Chinese style, such abrupt collocation disrupts the office Of course, the overall style of nondescript will be ugly. Although the office furniture that is consistent with the overall style does not look so outstanding, it must be the most suitable for the office and the least error-prone. Therefore, it is best not to buy some furniture that does not match the overall style without the advice of the designer, in order to create a mix and match style. Of course, if you think this is too common, you can buy one or two high-quality single-product furniture to enrich the entire office space.

Fifth, the placement of furniture is also a university question 1. The placement of office furniture should first fully consider the work needs and number of employees, and place the best functional office structure so that the entire office system can operate at maximum efficiency. It is necessary to consider the interaction between personnel, as well as the space left for personnel to move, and allow the effective connection of various functions. 2. Then pay attention to the different weights and heights of different furniture, so pay attention to the connection of the size when placing the furniture, so that it is scattered. If the difference in size, height, and volume between each other is too large, it will produce top-heavy and messy visual effects. 3. Finally, pay attention to no more than three colors of office furniture in a space.

6. Pay attention to the practicability of office furniture. Many office furniture and furniture companies have produced a lot of fancy office furniture in order to cater to beautiful customers. Some of them are aesthetically beyond practicability, which reduces the practicability of office furniture, so as buyers , We must grasp the standard of practicality. Because where to put it, who to use it, and how to use it, are what we should consider most. If the office space is small, we should consider the storage and simplicity of the furniture more than just looking at the office furniture that looks good.