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How to choose an office chair?

The 3 key points that distinguish a good or bad work chair:

1. Handrail

The easiest way for beginners to judge a chair is to see if the arms of the chair are attached to the back or the seat cushion. A chair that is attached to the back of the chair and, when reclined back, maintains the same angle as the person's back for comfortable arm support.

The arm of the chair is attached to the seat cushion, and when the seat is reclined, the angle of reclining of the cushion is not consistent with the back of the seat, which is the waist of the person. As a result, the arm can not be placed comfortably when the chair reclines.

The structure of the armrest may not be as important in terms of comfort, but it is the easiest way to test the quality of a chair, because this simple design is enough to show the attitude of the chair manufacturer. And from this point, many of the DXRACER racing chairs mentioned in the market, Ikea's Marcus, are chairs that fail on the first step.

2. Lumbar Support

When it comes to the comfort of the chair, the most important thing should be the waist support, The older you get, the more sensitive you are to it. It's not a simple thing to have or not to have a waist support. Although many chairs have a big waist support, it doesn't feel good to sit up. In fact, the waist support may be the most technical part of the whole chair, There must be a complex mechanical mechanism connected to the whole chair, of course, the most real test method is to rely on yourself to sit, regardless of various positions, whether the back of the chair can be completely wrapped up to support the back. Another advanced chair can be adjusted before and after the waist support, easier to adjust to their comfortable position. But these advanced ergonomic chair price is often over 1000 yuan, friends still need to choose according to their own economic conditions.

3. The Back Of Chair

Recline strength between different people different weight, the need for recline is not the same. The tilt of the ordinary chair is fixed, leading to light weight people can not rely on, heavy people suddenly rely on the bottom, not only there is no sense of support but also easy to sit down. And some office chairs can be manually adjusted tilt force, so that everyone can find the right weight of their own strength. However, some adjustable office chairs are often complex and changeable functional design, it is difficult to easily use, so it is especially not suitable for conference rooms, or 24-hour shift change of customer service, etc. So, when choosing an adjustable office chair, you also need to pay attention to the difference between the people who sit in the chair. Fixed personnel seat can choose a little more complex function, mobile personnel seat should be simple to operate the office chair.

Other small points of attention, such as the choice of office chair foot, cushion backrest material selection, need to adjust measures to local conditions.

Office chair wheel foot should be used with the floor material. Wood floors do not choose roller design, will scratch the floor. Floor tile type ground is indifferent, fixed type, roller type can be.

The cushion material and the backrest material of the office chair also need to be selected because of the time. Hard, non-breathable leather is an option for short seating. Sit for a long time, you need to choose breathable mesh material, long office will not be stuffy.