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How To Choose An Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs on the market from hundreds to tens of thousands, the quality is uneven, so good ergonomic chair and cheap ergonomics chair in the end what is the difference? How can we buy a reliable ergonomic chair?

1. Chair Seat

The seat is designed to reduce the pressure on the hips, coccyx, and legs, while integrating various adjustment functions such as reclining and lifting.

There are two aspects of the seat that need attention, one is the chassis, and one is material.

Seat Chassis:

Mainstream ergonomic chair chair base chassis on the following three: self-loading bar control chassis, single-spring bar chassis control, double-spring wire chassis. The best is Herman Miller's double glass wire chassis, because only Hermann Miller has it, so I won't list it here.

Self-loading chassis:

Through the control lever to control the backward locking, height lifting and other operations, the backward force can not be adjusted independently, can only be adapted according to the user's weight, the result is that the lower weight may not be able to back down, the heavier weight may be very difficult to come up.

Single Spring Bar Control Chassis:

A control lever controls operations such as recliner locking, lifting, and so on. The reclining force is adjusted by a knob, People of different weight can find a more suitable for their weight back support strength, the disadvantage is that the adjustment is not fast and convenient, the strength of the back is not even enough.

Double Spring Wire Chassis:

Through the pick to control the lifting and backward, rocker control the strength of the backward, faster and more convenient regulation, and more uniform backward strength.

Double spring wire-controlled chassis > single spring bar-operated chassis > self-loaded bar-controlled chassis, which is one of the boundaries of different grades of ergonomic chair, but also the most important factors affecting the price.

Chair Top Material:

The material of the chair seat is mainly sponge and mesh, Mesh cushion is more breathable than sponge, especially in summer, will be more comfortable, but sponge and mesh is not absolutely good or bad, the specific choice depends on the individual's weight and needs.

Although the mesh and sponge can not be put together than, but they have their own good or bad points: high-density sponge pad > latex pad > ordinary sponge pad.

2. Chair Back

The function of the chair back is to provide back and lumbar support, to help us maintain the curvature of the thoracic, lumbar, and sacrum, So the overall design of the back of the chair must compound the normal physiological curvature, if the curvature is too exaggerated, the destruction of the normal curvature, will only make people feel more tired.

Ergonomic chair back and waist rely mainly on the following 4 kinds of design: single back without waist rely on, single back with fixed waist rely upon, single adjustable curvature of waist depend on, double back design. They each apply to a wider range of people as the star rises.

Single back without waist rest or fixed waist rest:

These two designs are not recommended here, because the feeling is too obscure.

Single Back Adjustable Waist Rest:

For people who have no problems with the lumbar spine, you can choose this design. The support point can be adjusted independently within the lumbar range, and the flexibility is relatively large. After all, everyone's comfortable point is different, the disadvantage is that it can not support the sacrum position.

Double Back Design:

For people who like a little more obvious sense of the top and waist, it is recommended to choose the double back design. Especially for the people with protrusion of intervertebral disc, we must choose the waist area which is large enough to support the sacrum.

3. Neck Pillow

The role of the neck pillow is to support the cervical spine. Note that it is not the head. Do not support the position of the back of the head.

No neck pillow, fixed neck pillow and 2D neck pillow belong to the low-end neck pillow. The range of support is very limited. When sitting or working at a desk, it is basically useless. Only a little back can support the cervical vertebra.

It is worth mentioning that many imported high-end ergonomic chairs do not have a neck pillow, That's because foreigners don't have the same design and work philosophy as we do. They think that once you need a headrest, you should go to bed instead of sleeping in a chair.

The 3D neck pillow and the 6D neck pillow belong to the middle and upper neck pillow, because only these two designs can reach forward, so that they can also support the cervical spine when sitting and working.

4. Handrails

The function of the armrest is to support the arm, to the upper body to borrow power, in order to reduce the pressure on the lower body.

Most people don't have too high requirements for handrails. The minimum requirement is 2D handrails that can be adjusted up and down. If you have other needs such as playing games, you can choose 3D or 4D armrests that can rotate.

5. Air Pressure Bar

Ergonomic chair bar is related to the safety of life, be sure to choose the big brand production of 3 or more safety certification of the bar, Such as three Hong, KGS, Wright, etc., do not buy unknown, second-hand ergonomic chair, air pressure bar without any security.

6. Other Accessories

Other parts are actually similar, whether it is imported or domestic, the difference is not big, because this part of the parts are too mature.

It is worth mentioning that the five-star foot material, common nylon material, steel or aluminum alloy, for the weight of 80 kg of friends, can choose nylon chair foot; For the weight of 80 kg or more friends, can only choose steel feet or aluminum alloy chair feet, or back will have rollover risk.

7. Height and Weight

This is really important, because each ergonomic chair is suitable for different people, Others sit comfortably, not necessarily you sit on the right, so do not others say you follow to buy, choose ergonomic chair is like buying clothes and shoes, to compound their own size.