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How to buy office furniture? What skills and precautions?

In the face of the market, there are thousands of kinds of office furniture, thousands of office furniture manufacturers. When purchasing office furniture, what skills and precautions should we have? The choice of office furniture is very important, not only to know the scale of office furniture manufacturers, but also to consider the trade-off from their own company. Office furniture through years of sales of office furniture, from the buyer to understand the real demand of consumer demand for office furniture, in order to recommend the following consumer purchase of office furniture skills, as well as matters needing attention.

Office furniture

First: before purchasing, you should measure the size and area of your own office, and then, according to the company's culture, mode of operation and business needs, conceive the indoor layout, Feng Shui pattern, etc. The height and layout of the office furniture can not meet the needs of the office.

Second: high quality, real price, solid and reliable. If it is pure wooden furniture, pay attention to its moisture content can not exceed 12%, it is best to buy mortise structure rather than nail gun assembly. Office furniture should be square, diagonal line should be consistent, landing should be stable, hardware components should be firm, and doors and drawers should be opened flexibly. The surface of leather office furniture must be smooth, free of bubbles, cracks and seams.

Third: office furniture is not consumable, so we should adhere to the principle of "rather short than excessive" when purchasing. The office should not be full, but should be purchased according to the needs of use, and the area of office furniture should not exceed 50% of the indoor area. The style, style and tone should be unified and well matched, while the details should be changed. The selection and matching of office furniture should pay attention to "color and taste", and should be coordinated with the company's culture and business nature.

Fourth: yearning for change is the common consumption psychology of modern people, and so is the layout of the office and the purchase of office furniture. No matter how beautiful and luxurious an office is, with the passage of time, the freshness and beauty will weaken. So the office furniture can not be placed too full, to adjust the position of furniture to leave room, it is recommended to choose adjustable office furniture, in order to facilitate future adjustment space.

Through the above four aspects, we know that the use standard of office furniture. Now we continue to share the skills in purchasing office furniture.

1. Skill 1: when you buy office furniture, you'd better go to the regular furniture market, pay attention to the brand furniture products of famous furniture manufacturers, and carefully check whether the purchased furniture has quality inspection report.

Office furniture

2. Skill 2: smell. When buying office furniture, the simplest identification method is to smell. If it smells pungent, or has the feeling of eye irritation, it indicates that the content of formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds is high, so it is not suitable to buy this kind of furniture.

3. Skill 3: check. When purchasing office furniture, the furniture factory should provide the qualification certificate of raw materials, check whether the materials used by the furniture factory are qualified, and control the quality from the source.

4. Skill 4: look. Should carefully check whether the edge of wood-based furniture, not edge furniture end will release a lot of formaldehyde, should not buy.

Finally, the pollution liability clause should be added when signing the purchase contract of office furniture. If found to cause indoor air pollution, at least must return unconditionally, causing serious consequences, but also investigate their responsibility