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Features of Xinda Clover soundproof partition wall system

Comfortable and beautiful interior decoration is based on many elements such as decoration structure, function division, and color coordination. Among them, the wall sound insulation is one of the most important elements. Once the handling method is wrong, it will not only cause trouble to life, but also easily leak privacy and reduce the privacy of the space. Safety, fire protection, sound insulation, light weight, and high efficiency are the key elements for choosing the system solution required for the separation of modern buildings.

Xinda Clover standard soundproof partition wall system is a non-load-bearing partition wall system that adopts quick installation dry wall construction technology. It has many advantages such as a variety of choices, economy and convenience, and no accessory system. It is widely used in various buildings with conventional requirements.

Xinda Clover soundproof partition wall

Features of Xinda Clover standard partition system:

Suitable for all kinds of buildings with conventional requirements.

A variety of system options to meet different performance requirements.

Adopt no parts system.

What materials are used for office partition walls to have good sound insulation?

1. Glass is the most sound insulation material used in office decoration, and some glass can insulate part of the return noise and reduce noise pollution;

2. Some decoration materials with sound insulation function can be added to the wall of the office, such as sound insulation cotton, sound insulation blanket, etc., which can effectively isolate the noise;

3. Replacing marble floors with wooden floors or soft carpets can reduce noise.

Since the light-weight wall is relatively thin and the sound insulation effect is relatively poor, we need to do some "hands and feet" during decoration. The version of sound insulation material has the right of glass wool, rock wool, and polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton, but glass wool and rock wool have shortcomings, which are easy to cause skin allergies and have low sound absorption; polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton is a good choice The choice, its density is gradually increasing, the sound absorption rate is relatively high, it is not easy to burn, and it is also very environmentally friendly.

After understanding the sound insulation materials, let's talk about the treatment method of wall sound insulation. Most decoration companies first build a dragon skeleton, and then add sound-absorbing cotton in the middle of the keel, and the outer layer is closed with gypsum board. For the office, About 5cm high-efficiency sound-absorbing cotton can meet the requirements. If it is a special occasion like KTV, you can use two layers of sound-absorbing cotton to strengthen it.

standard partition system

The wall sound insulation project is a concealed project. Once the decoration of the office is completed, there is basically no remedy in the later stage, so special attention should be paid to the decoration.

Indoor soundproof partition wall practices:

Positioning of the bounce line of the sound insulation wall: According to the construction drawing, release the position control line of the movable partition wall on the indoor floor, and lead the position line of the partition wall to the side wall and the ceiling. The spring line is the installation position line where the fixture should be ejected.

Installation of sound-proof wall track fixtures: select track fixtures according to design requirements. Before installing the track, consider the closing method of the wall, ground and ceiling and facilitate the installation of the movable partition wall. By calculating the weight of the movable partition wall, determine the load borne by the track and the specifications and fixing methods of the embedded parts. The embedded parts of the track should be installed firmly, the track and the main structure should be fixed firmly, and all metal parts should be treated with rust prevention.

Prefabricated partitions for soundproof walls: First, determine the net size of the movable partition according to the design drawings and the actual measured dimensions on site. Then according to the installation method of the track, the net size of the movable partition and the design division requirements, calculate and determine the size of each partition of the movable partition, and finally draw a large sample drawing for commissioning. Since the movable partition wall is a movable wall, it is required that each partition should be as beautiful and delicate as a decorative door. It should be prefabricated by a professional manufacturer, and the quality of the product can be ensured through processing and trial assembly.

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