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Everything you should know about office workstation desk

Office Workstation Desk with Screen

Office workstation and workstation desk always are so popular for workplace since it was born many years ago. However, how many people confidently know about office workstation very well? Perhaps, few people know it very well. Referring to office workstation, firstly, we have to know what workstation is? According to definition, a work or office area assigned to one person, often one accommodating a computer terminal or other electronic equipment. So let us have a read below.

modern office furniture double workstation deskDouble workstation desk

About workstation desk in Office

The office workstation desk with screen is a whole composed of screen and desk. The combination of workstation desk with screen is more and more used in office space. The frame of screen is aluminum alloy frame, and the surface can be made of hemp flannel and melamine. The hemp cloth facing is easy to dirty and not easy to clean. The panel office screen is anti hanging and wear-resistant, and easy to clean. Various colors can be selected for decoration The top cover, side cover and skirting board of the screen are all made of aluminum alloy. The office table top is connected with supports, drawers and filing cabinets by screens and various accessories. The bottom of the office screen frame is provided with horizontal adjusting feet, which can be adjusted according to different floors.

The main material of the desk is high-density environmental protection melamine board. The surface can be hung and wear-resistant. There are many colors to choose from. The price of the screen is basically calculated according to the style and square meter. According to the change of materials, the price ranges from tens to hundreds.

Types of office workstation

There are two kinds of office workstation: screen workstation desk and office cubicle:

A modern workstation desk with screen is a desk with a screen. By installing a screen on the desktop, it has the function of isolating sight and space.

Office cubicle is developed on the basis of screen workstation desk. The screen and desk are assembled as a whole. The screen is no longer a separated screen, and the desk is not an independent individual. Instead, the screen and the desk depend on each other to form a whole, that is, the screen card. Screen card can be combined into different shapes according to different office environment.

The office cubicle and the double workstation desk are very suitable for enterprises with centralized staff open office areas. Moreover, the color of the screen is rich. Different colors can be matched according to different corporate culture, and different storage parts are naturally matched.

Characteristics of screen

  1. The screen has a variety of styles and colors, and can allow employees to work in a relatively centralized way according to different spaces and departments.
  2. Screen can improve the work efficiency of employees, provide them with a comfortable working environment, make economic use of space, and have strong space flexibility and market applicability.
  3. It has good sound absorption and sound insulation effect and reasonable wiring function.

2 person computer workstation deskTwo person workstation desk

Raw materials of screen

Structural material:

  1. Aluminum profile: it has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. Surface treatment is divided into: oxidation and spraying, not easy to fade.
  2. Glass magnesium plate: (commonly known as magnesium oxide board) is a magnesium cement material with stable performance, which is made of the ternary system of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and water. It has the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, tasteless, non-toxic, non freezing, non-corrosive, non cracking, non combustible, high strength and light weight, convenient construction and long service life.

Decoration materials:

  1. Fabric: double woven linen fiber, flame retardant, stain resistant, colorfast, non pilling and other functions.
  2. Glass: a kind of transparent solid material, which forms continuous network structure during melting, and gradually increases viscosity and hardens but does not crystallize during cooling.
  3. Steel plate: it is used for the external decoration of the screen. It is made of Baosteel first pole cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying. In order to better reflect the overall beauty of the screen, the surface can be punched and convex (round convex, round hole, square convex, square convex, square hole, long strip hole, etc.)
  4. Acrylic: acrylic is also called PMMA or acrylic. Acrylic's Chinese name is plexiglass. The chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate. It is an important thermoplastic developed earlier, with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance, has a wide range of applications in the building decoration industry.
  5. Sunshine board: mainly made of PC / PP material. It is widely used in all kinds of building lighting roof and interior decoration.

Structural properties: ordinary glass and tempered glass

Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, commonly used: 4mm, 5mm, 12mm

Surface effect: transparent glass, frosted glass, sand glass, art glass, etc

Precautions for selection of office workstation desk

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing the white office workstation desk? We can see from the following points.

Whether the office computer workstation desk with screen is stable. The office workstation desk is mainly supported by the steel ribs on both sides of the screen. Therefore, the material and structure of the steel frame must be well done to ensure the stability of the best workstation desk with screen.

Sound insulation effect of office workstation desk with screen. When choosing the screen office workstation of the screen, it is necessary to observe whether the sound insulation effect of the screen is good. The reason why most screens can achieve the sound insulation function is due to the structure. Generally speaking, the screen adopts honeycomb plate, plus three-part splint or steel plate with fireproof cloth, which can achieve the effect of sound insulation, temperature insulation, pressure resistance and deformation resistance by the honeycomb plate itself. In order to achieve good sound insulation effect, we also need to choose a good quality material to better block the noise.

Color selection of portable office workstation. In the selection of screen color of office adjustable workstation desk, to match with the overall decoration style of the office. The color selection of office furniture should not be too publicity, you can choose to write a little sunshine color, so that the whole office does not look too dull, but also can bring good mood to employees. Colors can be brighter and more lively, but do not destroy the integrity of the environment.

The height of screen workstation with desk. The height of the office screen workstation is also quite particular. Different heights provide different degrees of privacy, so you can make more refined choices according to your own needs.