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Conference Chairs

Conference chair, also known as guest chair, as the name suggests, is a kind of furniture that people use during meetings or meetings during work, which can be divided into solid wood, curved wood, steel wood, mesh and plastic. Conference chairs are often associated with major company events, such as business negotiations or internal company decisions, and represent the company's image, so the role of conference chairs is particularly important.

1. It is crucial to choose a comfortable conference chair. When purchasing, you can sit down and feel whether the back of the chair is moderately soft and hard, whether the curve of the back of the chair fits the curvature of the human spine, fully supports the back, whether the waist can relieve the excessive pressure load on the back, and ensure the correct sitting posture; Whether it is wide and thick, and fully supported, it can not only reduce the impact force generated by the weight of the human body when sitting down, but also relieve the pressure on the buttocks when sitting at a desk for a long time, relax the body and mind, and improve work efficiency.

2. In addition to choosing its style, color and comfort, it is also necessary to pay attention to the place of origin, the firmness of the structure, and the quality of the sponge and leather.

3. Comfortable and can sit for a long time. In addition to maintaining a good body curve, what a conference chair must never forget is to sit comfortably, and to sit comfortably, the seat cushion is of course extremely important. Generally speaking, the seat cushion is best formed in one piece, so In order to maintain elasticity and not easily deformed, and because the influence of muscles on supporting the body is extremely important, a good seat cushion naturally has to give the body proper support, which can reduce fatigue, so the softness of the seat cushion is too high or too low. Although this also involves a person's weight, a really good-quality chair cushion will generally still have a certain degree of weight tolerance, and even if the user sits on it for a long time, it will not feel excessively tired. The seat must conform to the curve of the human body. The three-degree curved surface seat can increase the contact area between the bottom surface of the thigh and the buttocks and the seat, so that the pressure can be evenly dispersed and not concentrated at a certain point. It slides forward when sitting. In addition, the rounded seat design can also reduce friction and contact on the inner side of the knee joint, which is very beneficial to health.